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How to Live – the ground-breaking lifestyle guide to keep you healthy, fit and free of illness

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Recently I heard Professor Robert Thomas speaking at an online conference “Your Life and Cancer 2020”. His talk was centred on his new book “How to Live – the ground-breaking lifestyle guide to keep you healthy, fit and free of illness”. I was so thrilled that an eminent oncologist should take this brave, and in my opinion, long overdue step in writing this book. For someone in the profession venturing to tread where no one else has dared, writing about the links between environmental hazards and cancer is no mean feat!

So how would I describe the book? To me it is the first comprehensive integrated approach to healthcare which provides the layperson with healthy lifestyle advice giving practical as well as scientific evidence to help us keep our immune systems intact and to guard against degenerative diseases.

Early in the book Thomas alerts us to some important dietary facts and the many causes of disease – things that contribute to failing immune systems. But reassuringly, he states: “without getting paranoid or afraid of food it is worth being aware of the most common sources of toxins and how to avoid them (2020, p.48).

As a health bible, “How to Live” not only provides a guide to healthy living but has something to say to everyone. It shines a light on the hidden dangers of environmental hazards such as synthetic chemicals in cosmetics and household products. For example, Thomas outlines tips to help us reduce an overload of oestrogens found in beauty products. He suggests:

· Avoid any shampoo that contains parabens and preservatives

· Use antiperspirants that contain natural essential oils and probiotics and avoid using underarm cosmetics directly after shaving (within 1 hour)

· Use chemical free wipes to freshen under arms (p.321)

As Professor Karol Sikora, a leading world authority on cancer writes “Reading this book could literally change your journey through life. Following its wise advice will dramatically reduce your chances of cancer, stroke and dementia – the modern killers.”

To summarise: After many years of campaigning and researching into how environmental hazards can affect our health, I am pleased to see evidence of change happening through an integrated approach to keeping us healthy. I would highly recommend this book to all those who, like me, want to take a precautionary approach to staying healthy.

How to Live - the groundbreaking lifestyle guide to keep you healthy, fit and free of illness (2020) by Professor Robert Thomas.


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