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I am Dr Dianne Dowling, a professional Coaching Therapist who provides a safe space for clients to explore their own pathway back to wellness after cancer treatment. 

I was a teacher and mentor for many years and after completing a Professional Doctorate alongside other degrees, I now practice as a Coaching Therapist specialising in working with cancer.  My Doctoral research was a unique South West based study which focused on women living and working with breast cancer.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer over 20 years ago. Having both a personal and professional knowledge and experience, I am uniquely qualified to coach clients through a health crisis like cancer and help them through this most difficult time in their lives.  I'm passionate about living well with cancer:

“Working with cancer is not just about surviving, it is also about thriving. In our coaching
sessions you will learn how to exert your own power of choice over the often surprising
challenges life can bring, and explore any personal issues you have with your life path, career

and relationships”.

My approach to coaching?

I adopt a coaching style which is purpose driven as this enables a client to explore their ‘legacy of now’. It asks what is important to their post cancer experience, and what is it that they they want to achieve and contribute to the wellbeing of themselves and others. I encourage an equal partnership where the client chooses the direction their journey will take. They will be introduced to a variety of learning, ideas and approaches which all belong in the marketplace of modern life. One example of this is practising mindfulness meditations which I encourage clients to practice. This can help relax the client and create greater awareness of what it is they want to change. I also use individual meaning-centred psychotherapy for patients with advanced cancer to help them prepare for end of life.


At present sessions are virtual via SKYPE, Zoom or telephone usually lasting for an hour and over six sessions.

Contact me
By phone on 01460 220587 or text 07517 866513.

Alternatively, you can email me at diannedowling@btinternet.com
Please read my blogs to find out more about my work and to learn about my practice or visit my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cancerworkcoach/

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I want to thank you for all the help you have given me this year. I had no conception (probably in denial!), of how much I needed help.  The sessions we have had over Zoom have been invaluable in helping me come to terms with the sadness currently in my life.  The practical suggestions and coping mechanisms we have discussed have given me a strength to help deal with what has happened and what is still to come.  I would never have believed this was all possible over Zoom!  Rachael

I wanted to let you know how helpful and enlightening I found our sessions.  I feel so much clearer now and realised that I was stuck obsessing over details and by zooming out I was able to see that things are more christalised than I thought, I just couldn't see it. Exploring the objects particularly the viking ship in detail was so enlightening and your questions and patience in staying with my confusion and uncertainty really helped to clarify my position and where I see myself.  I feel like I have a newly energised focus and connection now and it has reignited my drive to continue and connect to my purpose. Thank you!  Rowan

I'm writing to say a very big thank you Dianne for helping me through the difficult time I was experiencing. I was in a very hopeless state, struggling to cope with my husband’s terminal cancer, life had certainly got on top of me and being usually a strong positive person, I found this very testing but you Dianne have helped me through that trauma by showing me how to see the positives, looking at situations in a different way and giving me back my confidence to cope with everyday life in this difficult situation. Lockdown I'm sure had a big impact on my life but you helped and encouragement me to find my confidence, I hope to go on with the knowledge of being able to tackle the negatives of life, I can't thank you enough. Jenny