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non-violent communcication

Photo: The Center for Nonviolent Communication

Marshall B Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication is best described as a language of life. He argues that our actions are based on human needs that we seek to meet. NVC is a way of peacefully resolving conflict reducing stress and breaking patterns of thinking that may lead to argument or anger. It encourages us to develop respectful relationships with compassion and cooperation.

Sometimes the way we speak hinders our communication. Rosenberg helps us build a vocabulary of feelings and how we can distinguish feelings from thoughts. Also, how we are likely to feel when our needs are met or not met? It is the job of the therapist to reach beneath the surface and discover what is most important to the client. NVC can transform our thinking. For example, how we make judgements which leads to understanding the connections to people and our environment.

I use the wheel of feelings in my coaching practice and have found it useful. If you want to know more about NVC visit the link below and you will find resources and more about how to use the feelings inventory.

Rosenberg, Marshall B, (2003) Nonviolent Communication A Language of life, Encinitas CA: Puddle Dancer Press.


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